Technical consultancy for claims and arbitration in construction.

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Welcome at JBRconsult

JBRconsult is a technical consultancy for claims and arbitration in construction of civil and infrastructural works. Consults can rely on years of experience and an extensive relation network by owner/founder Johan Brandenburg in the Dutch and international construction market. At many projects in the Netherlands and abroad a lot of specialistic experience was gained for setting-up claims and guiding of arbitration.

Johan Brandenburg has worked for about 40 years in civil and infrastuctural consultancy and construction at LW Lievense Consultants (5 years) and contractor Ballast Nedam (35 years). Now that he has retired in November 2012 there is opportunity to share knowledge gained in the field of claims and arbitration with companies who have a technical dispute or may get one in the future.

If you feel a need for consultation on how to set-up or manage a claim or arbitration, JBRconsult can possibly be of help. During an initial investigation it will be judged whether JBRconsult has the in-house knowledge to generate sufficient added value to the client. If that is the case, then the conditions for the supply of consultancy services will be confirmed in a contract with the employer.

Are you interested in an expert advice from JBRconsult please do not hesitate to make a first contact at your convenience.


J. (Johan) Brandenburg

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