Technical consultancy for claims and arbitration in construction.

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Claims between contractors, between contractor and consultant or between contractor and employer are becoming more common due to the high compeditive level in construction where in many cases extreme low profit and overhead margins are included in tenders for project acquisition. Claims for the payment of variations to the contract or unforeseen circumstances are more and more essential to safeguard such profit.

A thorough technical knowledge with respect of the execution and managing of projects is required for the setting-up of claims in civil and infrastructure construction.

However, the result of claims depend very much on the availability of relevant information obtained during the execution of the project. Many times critical information is missing and should be collected during the preparation stage through internal meetings with the persons directly involved or by the employment of external experts.

For the collection and setting-up of claim relevant information and for the setting-up of a most effective claim strategy JBRconsult can act as a facilitator because of the 40 years of experience in construction projects at the domestic market and abroad.


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